Best Kastking Reels 2023 Reviewed 

Although there are many notable brands in the fishing industry, Kastking reels have a special place especially when it comes to rolling out budget fishing reels. There are plenty of affordable options available in Kastking reels with reliable performance and great quality. 

Kastking reels are one of the best fishing reels on the market. Kastking is an Australian fishing tackle company that manufactures a wide variety of different types of fishing gear, including fishing rods and various other types of equipment. Kastking has been around since 1985 and they have quickly become one of the most well known companies in their industry for manufacturing quality products at affordable prices. Kastking currently operates out of 3 factories in Australia, which manufacture all KastKing products sold around the world today. KastKing’s patented ‘Lever Drag’ technology is what they use to power many models within their product line up as it provides more drag when fighting big fish or working with heavy braid lines

Moreover, Kastking reels have a couple of pricier options as well which are designed to give high performance when dealing with heavier fish. That being said, let’s explore some of the best options Kastking reels have to offer in different categories and price ranges.

Best KastKing Spinning Reels Reviewed: 

KastKing Brutus 

Gear Ratio: 5.0:1 (23.6”, 22.4”, 21.3” per turn) 

Bearings: 4+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  12, 13, & 17.5  lbs max 

Line capacity: 10/300, 8/370 ,8/300

Weight: 9.5, 9.2, 7.6 oz.

You can choose three different sizes in the Brutus series: 4000, 3000, and 2000.  The 2000 model weighs around 7.6 ounces, offers a maximum drag of 12 pounds along with an 8-pound test capacity of 300 yards. All the models in the Kastking Brutus series are heavy when compared with other spinning reels. With a constant gear ratio of 5.0:1, the bigger models with larger spools boast a large line retrieval rate.  

The drag knob is smooth and carefully placed at the end of the spool. If you want to hunt heavier fish with a spinning reel, you can rely on the maximum settings of KastKing Brutus. The minimum settings of this Kastking reel will provide you with a gentle drag.  

If you throw a heavier line, you should expect to compromise on the casting accuracy of this KastKing reel. To make this reel affordable for an average angler, Kastking has used a zinc alloy for its gears construction. It surely is an upgrade when compared with other KastKing Reels which mostly have plastic gear. However, you should not expect great build quality like Penn or Shimano offers. Having said that, the KastKing Brutus is definitely one of the best spinning reels that you can buy on a budget. 

However, a gear ratio of 5.0:1 is not going to make you happy even with the largest available spool when working with hard-fighting fish. If we look at the bail and crank, they are pretty reasonable considering the budget. 

We are not implying that this spinning reel is the best Kastking has to offer, but it is certainly one of the best budget options. 

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Great bang for the buck. 
  • Smooth drag 
  • Big capacity Spinning Reel 
  • Reasonably smooth gear 

Watch out for: 

  • Compromise on capability when compared with some other pricier reels 
  • Gear ratio is not ideal for heavy fish 
  • Casting accuracy reduced with heavier line 

Kastking Valiant Eagle (Our Recommendation)

Gear Ratio: 6.2:1 (38”, 35.5”, 33.2”,31.4” per turn) 

Bearings: 10+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  17.6 & 22 lbs  max 

Line capacity: 8/285, 8/210, 8/150, 8/115 

Weight: 9.8, 9.6, 8.4, 8.3 oz. 

When we compare Kastking Valiant Eagle with other spinning reels from the manufacturer, it seems far ahead in terms of performance and quality. The unique selling point of Kastking Valiant Eagle is its ability to hunt heavier fish which other spinning reels from Kastking are not very good at. This increased capacity of the reel comes from a large spool and a high gear ratio which leads to an extraordinary retrieval rate.  The reel is offered in 4 sizes. 

The drag system of Valiant of Kastking Valiant Eagle is also very appealing. On maximum settings, the drag system provides you enough power to deal with hard-fighting fish without any difficulty. Moreover, the drag it provides is pretty smooth even at the lowest settings.  The carbon fiber discs installed in the drag system ensure a smooth application of drag as well. Moreover, the drag system offered by Kastking Valiant Eagle is watertight as well. This extraordinary drag system by Kastking Valiant Eagle  is probably the main reason the reel is priced higher than its competitors in the spinning reel category.  

When you go for higher sizes the Kastking Valiant Eagle has to offer, you should expect a considerable increase in its weight though. The reel is not as light as you may expect. It is designed for great performance and durability and is not an ultralight reel. If you are an angler looking for a spinning reel to deal with heavy fish, Kastking Valiant Eagle is made for you.  However, if you are an occasional angler, this reel might be overkill for you. 

If we compare this reel with other spinning reels in the same price range from other manufacturers, the only real competitor will be the Battle II by Penn. The Battle II when compared with KastKing Valiant Eagle offers more size options, greater performance, and better build quality, However, this is a subjective matter and we leave it to your personal choices. 

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Increased capacity with a variety of sizes 
  • Smooth drag application 
  • Impressive gear ratio 
  • Smooth & Comfortable operation 

Watch out for: 

  • Casting accuracy compromised with heavier line 
  • Penn Battle II has more to offer in the same price range 

Kastking Summer

Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 / 4.5:1 (19.7”, 24.4”, 25.2”, 28”, 29.1” per turn)

Bearings: 9+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  11, 12, 13, 17.5 lbs. maximum 

Line capacity: 6/155; 6/310; 8/330; 10/310; 12/330 

Weight: 7.3, 9.1, 9.5, 12.5, 13.9 oz.

Kastking Summer series are ultralight spinning reels from the Kastking that offer an affordable option for anglers who are looking for an entry-level reel.looking for a beginner level spinning reel.

Let’s talk about the smallest reel Kastking offers in this series: the 500. Although It weighs only 15-17 % more than an ultralight spinning reel, yet it boasts a large spool with increased capacity. Spinning reels are not very good at casting once the spool starts getting empty. Therefore the extra weight is not useful and leads to an unwarranted large size.

If we talk about the gear ratio, the 5000 and the 4000, the largest reels in the collection, offer a gear ratio of only 4.5:1. As the size of the reel in collection is increased, the retrieval rate and the spool capacity also gets increased.

When we compare this reel to the 5000 Penn Battle II, the Penn Battle II offers a better retrieval rate of 36” per turn with a gear ratio of 5.6:1. On the other hand, the 5000-sized Kastking Summer offers a retrieval rate of only 29.1” .

The drag performance of these reels is pretty smooth on maximum settings given the low price tag.

Overall, the Summer reels collection is pretty good considering the low price tag. We can safely say that you won’t be disappointed with it if you decide to buy one.

However, if you are looking for a reel to deal with big fish like pike, then Kastking Summer reels do not have enough gear ratio and spool size to deal with them. If you are tight on budget, then the 500 and 2000 from Kastking Summer collection are a good fit for you.

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Great capacity with a variety of sizes 
  • Reasonable price
  • Smooth drag application 
  • Smooth & Comfortable operation 

Watch out for: 

  • Low gear ratio for bigger fish
  • Casting accuracy compromised with heavier line 
  • Penn Battle II has more to offer in the same price range 

Kastking Sharky III

Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 (33.4”, 31.5″, 29.4″, 27.5″, 26.2″ per turn) 

Bearings: 10+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  33 & 39.5 lbs  max 

Line capacity: 12/220, 10/220, 8/220, 8/190, 8/170 

Weight: 10.5, 9.4, 9.2, 6.9 oz.

Kastking Sharky III is an all-rounder spinning reel which does a pretty decent job at a very reasonable price. It weighs between 6 and 16 pounds.

The biggest advantage of this reel is its low price. Kastking Sharky III is priced at almost half the price than its competitors from Penn or Cadence.

Another reason to buy this reel is its smooth drag system which is made from carbon fiber disks. The smallest reel of this series can offer upto 33 lbs maximum drag and the largest one can handle upto 39.5 lbs maximum drag.

Now let’s talk about the line capacity of this reel. The line capacity of Kastking Sharky III is way better than its competitors.

When it comes to gear ratio, Kastking Sharky III offers  a gear ratio of 5.2:1, with a good line retrieval rate which is good enough to handle big fish. Anti-reverse works fine as well leading to an overall smooth performance of the reel.

One thing that the Kastking should look to improve in this reel is its gear ratio. A higher gear ration will definitely be a great plus for this reel.,

Should you buy this reel?

Well, if you cannot afford Cadence or Penn and still want almost the same performance, then this Kastking reel is for you.

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Affordability
  • Smooth drag application
  • Smooth & Comfortable operation
  • Increased capacity 
  • A good alternative for people who aren’t fond of baitcasting reels

Watch out for: 

  • Gear ratio not impressive enough to handle big fish
  • Casting accuracy gets compromised with heavier line 

Best KastKing Baitcasting Reel Reviewed:

Kastking Crixus

Gear Ratio: 6.5:1 (24.2” per turn) 

Bearings: 5+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  17.64 lbs  max 

Line capacity: 10/130, 12/110, 14/90 

Weight: 7.7 oz.

Crixus is a baitcasting reel by Kastking that does really well in terms of performance and is economical as well.The KastKing Crixus baitcasting reel is designed for fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels, and it feels great in the hand when reeling in a catch.

Let us discuss the performance of this baitcasting reel. The carbon fibre drag system that comes with the reel is smooth and durable. The drag system of Kastking Crixus consists of a star shaped knob used to set the drag settings. On maximum drag settings, the Kastking Crixus offers more power than the Shimano’s reel. On minimum drag settings the drag applied is very smooth and impressive. It is easy to operate and fairly simple.

The spool of this reel is thin and light. Although the capacity of this spool is less than its competitors from Shimano, for a 10 pound mono, the Crixus spool accommodates 130 yards of line. On the other hand, Shimano’s Curado K provides room for 155 yards of the same line.  At the same price, Shimano is providing you with more line than the Kastking. 

Kastking Crixus comes with a gear ratio of 6.5:1 which is excellent for topwater fishing and crankbait fishing alike. The massive gear ratio also helps to handle hard-fighting fish. However, as mentioned earlier, the smaller spool that comes with the Kastking Crixus has a lower line retrieval rate when compared with the Curado K.

The comparatively low retrieval rate is not enough a reason to reject this reel. However, one should keep this fact in mind before buying the Kastking Crixus.

Another amazing feature of the Kastking Crixus is its magnetic braking system, which KastKing claims is “one of the most powerful magnetic brakes in existence.” The system is very flexible in terms of different settings and is very easy to operate as well. In short, you’ll have a great casting experience with the Kastking Crixus.

The Kastking Crixus is also equipped with a sturdy aluminum frame and side plates, as well as KastKing’s patented Varispeed anti-reverse system that can be adjusted for varying water conditions.

The Kastking Crixus is a great baitcasting reel for anglers who are looking to spend less than $100 on their gear, but don’t want to sacrifice performance or quality. 

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Impressive braking system
  • Smooth drag application
  • Excellent gear ratio
  • Reasonable capacity 
  • Affordability

Watch out for: 

  • Retrieval per turn not impressive enough
  • Smaller spool sizes lead to decreased capacity than competitor reels 

Kastking Speed Demon Pro – Our Recommendation

Gear Ratio: 9.3:1 (35.2” per turn) 

Bearings: 12+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  13.2 lbs  max 

Line capacity: 12/160, 14/140

Weight: 6.5 oz.

If there is one disadvantage that exists in almost all of the Kastking’s reels, it is the small spool sizes and low line retrieval rates. Small pool sizes make it possible to reduce the weight of the reel sufficiently. This reduction in weight leads to reduced costs of the Kastking reels. However, the reels are generally at a disadvantage when it comes to the spool sizes and line retrieval rates.

The Kastking Speed Demon Pro, however, is different from other Kastking reels.

Unlike other Kastking reels, the Speed Demon Pro comes with a normal-sized spool which is pretty impressive and can accommodate 140 yards of 14-pound mono. The Speed Demon Pro comes with an impressive 9.3:1 gear ratio offering high retrieval rates. The gear ratio is not as good as Shimano but it still matches with the very top names in the fishing reels industry.

The drag system is very smooth in Kastking Speed Demon Pro as in other fishing reels made by Kastking. The carbon-fibre drag system offers its users a maximum grip of 13.2 lbs. The drag is very smooth even in low settings and offers a smooth release experience. 

Another outstanding feature of Speed Demon Pro is its magnetic braking system which is easy to operate and durable as well. When compared to Shimano’s centrifugal system, the braking system of Speed Demon Pro is simpler and better. 

The casting experience with the Kastking Speed Demon Pro is great. Although it is the lightest baitcasting reel offered by the Kastking, its fastest along with offering the best capacity.

Overall, one can easily say that the Speed Demon Pro is the best baitcasting reel out there in terms of performance and price. At a lesser price, you are getting the same performance as Kapstan Elite offers.

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Great braking system
  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight and great size to fish all day
  • Excellent gear ratio
  • Smooth drag application
  • Affordability

Watch out for: 

  • No cons 🙂

Kastking Kapstan Elite 

Gear Ratio: 5.4:1 (25.31” per turn) 

Bearings: 8+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  35 lbs  max 

Line capacity: 14/230 

Weight: 10.8 oz.

Kastking Kapstan Elite is a high performance reel designed to rival some of the best baitcasting reels in the fishing reels industry. 

As is the case with other Kastking reels, the Kapstan Elite is equipped with a powerful carbon fiber drag system that offers smooth release even on low settings. When compared with similarly priced Curado K, the drag offered by Kastking Kapstan Elite is superior.

Another extraordinary feature of Kastking Kapstan Elite is its large spool size which is twice that of Curado K. This large spool size adds at least 3 ounces of weight to the reel. 

Kastking Kapstan Elite comes with a gear ratio of only 5.4:1. When compared with Shimano and Curado K, Kastking Kapstan Elite has a much lower gear ratio. However, the braking system of Kapstan Elite is at par with the top names like Shimano and the performance with brake shoes is impressive. Overall, the reel offers a smooth casting experience. 

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Impressive braking system
  • Awesome Drag
  • Smooth performance
  • Excellent gear ratio
  • Great capacity 

Watch out for: 

  • Retrieval per turn not impressive enough to beat its rivals
  • Large spool sizes lead to increased weight
  • Not a budget baitcasting reel

Kastking Royale Legend II 

Gear Ratio: 5.4:1 & 7.2:1 (20.2” and 26.8” per turn) 

Bearings: 5+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  17.64 lbs  max 

Line capacity: 10/130, 12/110, 14/90 

Weight: 7.2 oz.

Kastking Royale Legend II is a budget baitcasting reel  that does incredibly well at a very reasonable price. The baitcasting reel comes with two gear ratio options i.e. 5.4:1 and 7.2:1. Let us discuss the performance of this baitcasting reel.

The carbon fibre drag system of Kastking Royale Legend II works really well at maximum settings and offers a reasonably smooth drag experience. Considering the budget price of this reel, the drag system does not disappoint. 

The spool size of this baitcasting reel is not as large as some previously mentioned reels which results in a reduced size and weight. However, capacity and retrieval rates do suffer from this size change.

Kastking Royale Legend II comes with a magnetic braking system that is durable and reliable.

Overall, it is a good budget reel that does quite well in terms of performance and is good value for money. The Kastking Royale Legend II is great for beginners or who are new to baitcasting.

In short, it is the best budget baitcasting reel out there from Kastking.

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Good braking system
  • Great price
  • Awesome Drag
  • Smooth overall performance 
  • Excellent gear ratios
  • Good size and comfort

Watch out for: 

  • Retrieval per turn not good enough due to small spool size

Kastking MegaJaws

Gear Ratio: 5.4:1; 6.5:1; 7.2:1; 9.1:1 (20.2”; 24.2”; 26.8”; 33.9” per turn) 

Bearings: 11+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  17.6 lbs  max 

Line capacity: 10/128, 12/110, 14/91

Weight: 7.5 & 7.6 oz.

Kastking MegaJaws is another entry-level baitcasting reel from the manufacturer which comes in 4 differently colored models. These 4 models come with different gear ratios and line retrieval rates. The four models are named as the Predator, Pelagic, Black Tip, and the Great White.

The carbon-fiber drag system of Kastking MegaJaws offers a 17.6 lbs drag at maximum settings. Even at lower drag settings, the release of this reel is smooth and impressive considering the budget price of the reel.

Kastking has again compromised on the spool size here to shed some weight . The line retrieval rates and capacity are slightly decreased due to this modification.

The gear of this reel is made of Manganese Brass alloy which is durable. Kastking MegaJaws offers 4 different gear ratios to its buyers. However, due to decreased spool size, MegaJaws falls behind some of its competitors when retrieval rate is considered. It means that you’ll have to fight hard when dealing with big fish.

Overall, the casting experience is impressive thanks to the magnetic braking system from Kastking. We are not saying that it is as good as Shimano but it certainly is great value for money.

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Good reel for money
  • Good braking system
  • Awesome Drag
  • Smooth overall performance 
  • Good gear ratios
  • Good weight and size for fishing all day

Watch out for: 

  • Retrieval per turn not impressive enough due to small spool size

Kastking Spartacus 

Gear Ratio: 6.3:1 (25.5” per turn) 

Bearings: 11+1 Roller bearing 

Drag:  17.64 lbs  max 

Line capacity: 10/125, 12/100, 15/85, 18/65 

Weight: 7.4 oz.

Kastking Spartacus is a slight upgrade from the Kastking Royale Legend II. The drag system is pretty much the same. However, it contains a little smaller spool than the Royale Legend II. KastKing has added both centrifugal and magnetic braking systems in this baitcasting reel. If you can spend a few more dollars, KastKing Spartacus is definitely worth it.

The spool size of these reels is slightly reduced and therefore the reel holds much less line than its competitors at the same weight. The aluminum construction of the spool helps the reel to shed considerable weight. Shimano and Kurado K in the same weights hold more lines than the Kastking Spartacus. 

Kastking Spartacus offers a smooth casting experience overall. It is obviously not as good as the Speed Demon or even MegaJaws. But it does fairly well when you use this reel after adjusting the magnetic and centrifugal brakes well.

The KastKing Spartacus lies somewhere ahead of the entry-level reels and falls just short of the mid-range reels. However, in its own price range, it outsmarts all other reels and that is why it has made it to our list of the Best Kastking reels.

What we like about this spinning reel: 

  • Great gear ratios
  • Awesome price
  • Good braking system
  • Smooth overall performance
  • Awesome Drag
  • Good weight and size for fishing all day

Watch out for: 

  • Retrieval per turn compromised due to small spool size

Kastking Spinning Reel Fundamentals

It is beneficial to know about the basics of a Kastking Spinning Reel before you decide to buy one. Except big fish, you can hunt any type of fish with a spinning reel including bass, redfish, specks, trout, and panfish. 

Kastking spinning reels are a great choice for entry level anglers. These spinning reels are very easy to operate even under tough circumstances. There are three easy steps to cast with this reel. First, you take hold of the line with your index finger. Then you open the bail and toss the lure into water along with releasing your finger in time. Retrieving is also a simple process. You close the bail and start retrieving the line.

This simplicity of casting a spinning reel makes it easier to operate for novice fishermen even in tough conditions. In windy conditions and with small weights, these spinning reels are equally easy to operate. You don’t have to worry about the wind knots as they can be easily managed with these spinning reels. Overall casting experience is a wonderful one with these fishing reels.

Spinning reels do suffer from one advantage though. Casting distance suffers due to the fixed spool size. When casting a heavy-diameter line or if there is not enough line on the spool, a friction is created as the line tries to slip away. You can mitigate this problem by keeping the line near the lip of the spool and making sure that the spool is always full. Moreover, you should avoid running lines that are greater than 10 lbs monofilament dia.

How do we select the best Kastking Spinning Reel?


The first thing we consider in a spinning reel is the drag system. The location of the drag system on the spinning reel is of key importance here. Most of the spinning reels that perform well have their drag systems right over where they’ll be working. Therefore, the drag knobs are mostly located at the end of the spool which is convenient to operate. Some reels have their drag knobs located at other positions, but that makes using these reels comparatively difficult.

The drag performance is also checked by applying the maximum drag settings and checking if the reel can hold the line.  At maximum settings, the drag of the reel is checked with the weight of some heavy fish. Then the reel is checked at lower drag settings and the smoothness of release gives an idea of how good the drag of a certain spinning reel is. If the line gets stuck during the line retrieval, then that spinning reel has a problem with its drag system. 

Smooth Performance

The quality of a spinning reel can be easily assessed by its smooth performance. If the bail is closing nicely, the cranks spin freely, the drag knob can adjust the settings with ease, and the anti-reverse system locks up without any problem, then the reel is considered to be smooth performing. 

Gear Ratio

The working of the crank and the spool is dependent on the gear ratio of the spinning reel. The gear ratio tells us the number of turns the spool will take with a single revolution of the crank. For example, a gear ratio of 9.1:2 means that the spool spins 9.1 times with a single revolution of the spool.

A higher gear ratio is important when fast retrieval is desired. Generally in shallow crankbaits, a higher ratio of spinning reel makes line retrieval easy and fast. Therefore, the casting experience depends on the gear ratio of the spinning reel.


The capacity of a spinning reel is also an important metric in deciding the overall performance of the reel. It is essential that the reel holds enough line that you enjoy a smooth casting experience without the need to spool again.

Kastking Baitcasting Reel Fundamentals

Unlike spinning reels, baitcasting reels do not have a fixed spool. Instead, these reels come with a spinning spool which is made to manage heavier lines. The weight acquires significance when working with a baitcasting reel. Unlike spinning reels, the line on the spool does not affect the casting experience of a baitcasting experience. Running a full spool is no different than running a few feet in baitcasting reels. All that matters is the weight which is why these reels are excellent when dealing with heavier lines.

However, the casting in these reels is somewhat difficult when compared with spinning reels. This is especially true in case of novice fishermen, After you gain some casting experience with a baitcasting reel, however, makes things easier and accurate, 

Casting process in baitcasting reels is not a difficult one to understand. First you press down the spool release and simultaneously hold the spool with your thumb. To release the line, you lift the thumb and apply pressure again when the lure touches the water. The casting process is not cumbersome, but it does require some practice to get the hang of it.

The drag system in Kastking Baitcasting reels is more powerful when compared to the spinning reels from the manufacturer. A star shaped knob is placed behind the crank to adjust the drag settings on these baitcasting reels.

To prevent any backward movement of line, the baitcasting reels offer a powerful braking system which needs to be adjusted to one’s experience level and the weight of lure.

Baitcasting reels are not ideal to use in windy conditions and spinning reels do much better in such conditions. The basic function of baitcasting reels is to catch hard-fighting heavier fish which you cannot handle with spinning reels. The drag system, gear ratios, spool sizes and the weight of baitcasting reels are designed to achieve just that.


Like spinning reels, the first thing we consider in a baitcasting reel is its drag system. The drag system of a baitcasting reel is checked with a heavy line and it is made sure that the line does not slip.

After that the release of the reel is checked to be smooth enough to provide a good casting experience. At low to medium drag settings, baitcasting reels are known to perform average since they are designed to work with heavier lines and weights.

Smooth Performance

The next important thing to look at when buying a baitcasting reel is its smooth operation. A good baitcasting reel should have a freely spinning spool along with an easily adjustable knob. The knob should be placed as such to facilitate the operation of the reel. Similarly, the braking system should work smoothly as well.

Gear Ratio

As already discussed, the relationship between spool and crank is best described by the gear ratio of a reel.  A gear ratio of 11.2:1 means that with one revolution of crank the spool spins 11.2 times. The higher the gear ratio, the higher is the retrieval rate. As baitcasting reels are designed to catch heavy fish, a higher gear ratio ensures quick retrieval of line so as to keep the line tight when a big fish moves towards your boat.


Capacity is an important metric in ranking a baitcasting reel since almost all of the capacity of a baitcasting reel can be utilized.  As discussed earlier, a full spool or a few feet line left does not matter in case of a baitcasting reel: the casting experience remains the same.

The Bottom Line

Kastking seems to have what it takes to be a top-rated reel in 2023. With an innovative drag system, smooth retrieve, and impressive build quality, Kastking has set the bar high for other companies in the industry. If you’re looking for a new reel this year, be sure to give Kastking a try – you won’t be disappointed!






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